January 21, 2021

Damsels Overcome soon in bookstores


Both males and females are important in social norms. I'm making a case about the male narratives that dominate - take the fable Turtle and the Hare; all characters males. Masculine pronouns lock us into male narratives and male norms. 

DAMSELS OVERCOME has 22 folktales from different times and many countries. Included are blurs about my challenge with the damsels that appeared in these traditional male-dominated narratives written in literature and folklore 6th to 18th centries.

Launch date is March 30, 2021.

January 4, 2021

Why I don't finish a book!

Being a writer, when am I reading someone else's work, I stop reading because these frustrate my reading:

too much backstory,

long descriptions that are not necessary for the story,

the dialogue much too long like a  lecture, or too short, or not with the character's personality.


These stop me because I had too many writing classes and told too many stories. One might say this also stops most of my writing.

I have also noticed people listen to books on audio, or read short novels of 15 to 30 thousand words. I think because of our films and television we are more literate than the past generations.

However, what do I know - just a bobbieism!