March 21, 2017

AtoZ Challenge THEME

During the month of April 2017 in the A to Z Blog Challenge, I will tell a story a day, either a folktale, faerytale, legend, myth, or a cautionary tale that fits my AtoZ Challenge--> Asian Stories.

My theme for each  
is the story attribute. 

How Dragons Shaped China, a short history of Dragons,
The Ramayama from Sita's point of view, King Rama and Demon Ravana,
Tiger's Sage, a fast short history of tiger's involvement in mythology.

The full stories will be on my site and a BUBBLE on Bubblish.

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March 15, 2017

Main Character Not the Narrator

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A dialogue not spoken by a character in the story, especially by a leading character, as Vasalisa, the Frog Princess, in my enhancement and re-imaging, still creates and carves an active persona. With Vasalisa as an absent voice, I wrote concerns for her and her struggle through the other characters and their contact with her. 

As for the writer, what fun to conceive what each character sees and hears about a main character and their struggles and concerns about that silent character. 

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