November 20, 2014

The Writer, the Poet, or the Illustrator ---> WHO is in charge?

The one who draws with lines from a pen, pencil, paint brush, or ink is the first to see the story and wants to draw it on a piece of paper for others to see. Then the poet arrives as the first voice with words to form images the drawer sees. The storyteller arrives and enhances, exaggerates, and exploits with verbal words and gestures to show the image of the drawer and words of the poet making the story clearer for a listener. By noting how the listener takes the story, which is the plot, characters, scenes; the storyteller knows what was heard or not. Then coming forth is the writer who finds the perfect words to make a written story.  From the drawn images, poetic voice, gestures, to the word symbols; the story is born.  **** Rhyonna has her story.

Oh yes, there is always the character who inspires and insists what is told.