March 3, 2019

Main Character, Not the Narrator

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A dialogue is not spoken by a main character in the story, Vasalisa, the Frog Princess In my enhancement and re-imaging creates and carves an inactive persona, damsel in distress. With Vasalisa as an absent voice, I wrote concerns for her and her struggle through contact by characters with her.

As for the writer, fun to conceive what other characters see, hear, and feels about a main character's struggles and concerns while helping this silent distressed character, who is strong than any of these think.

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March 2, 2019

The narrator of my stories? Why?

In whose perspective do I write:

Usually, and most often -->  a protagonist as a narrator in first voice and the present tense. BECAUSE as a child and young adult; I was a female --> second to a male; lady --> second to a lad; and woman --> second to a man; she --> second to he. The hero leads and solved the stories, not heroines -- who is also second to the hero. I am her --> again second to he; and, she --> also second to he.

As a person, my being and reality pushed from the frame of who I was and need a place in the story, any plot. So I write for a second class audience, with my second class voice - about strong maidens or older matrons, who battle against oppression for success.

In my last piece, PURSUED, a fractured Russian folktale, the ugly frog skin is burnt of a princess by a selfish prince, a fool. I did use male voices because this fool needs help: the fool who does not understand balance and equality from an equal partnership only female beauty for his prestige.

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A villain, the antagonist, can take over a story, we know their paths in all the other stories we hear and read. Adventure, change, and awareness without a heavy dominate, destructive villain, who is voice dominate; they are present. We need to conquer their messages as does Faery Rhyonna, who rids Zzuf in RHYONNA'S FRIGHT from her realm.
So, I write about strong maidens or older matrons who overcome tyranny and suppression facing ignorant dominance. My protagonists make change in their lives for us to witness as reader and listeners so we can make changes in our lives.

I write fantasies about faeries, elves, trolls in the spirit realm, my life analogies or metaphors for these stories told.

February 1, 2019

Besides writing, what other creative outlets do I have?

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Well, I like to say, "Jane of many and Queen of none." to be exact - ART and STORYTELLING and WRITER.

There is my art ---> the gift of experimenting, changing, viewing and capturing like writing only a visual story or something that is a 'none story' to observe.

There is my storytelling --> to structure to verbally tell -- anyone can and we do all the time. 

And there is writing --> of a stories so others can read or tell if they want.

  1. I challenge and change the traditional with my interpretation and my experiences of what I think happened in art, storytelling, or writing. Really for me, the process of storytelling and writing as art are analogies or metaphors that I have adapted, enhanced, re-imaged, embroidery, modified, elaborate as other impressionists, expressionists, realists, and abstract non-objective artists; or mysteries, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, memoirs, adventure novelist or scriptwriters do with their creativity for others to view and read.  

ART, STORYTELLING and WRITING are functions within me for creating.

January 10, 2019

My favorite and least favorite question about my writing.

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My favorite question people ask about my writing:

Why did you write about faeries, elves, and trolls? Because they live around my garden and ask for their stories to be told. The reason why I ventured into the world of stand-up storytelling.

My least favorite question people ask about my writing:

What are you doing next? I have many projects stewing in the cooking pot: PURSUED, the Frog Princess, the Elfin Books, and the classes on how-to-do and the appreciation of art.

January 1, 2019

What publishing path did I take?

I needed help!
The self-publishing path was my choice because I did not understand the work involved. Actually, about as hard as writing letters to editors, who soon wanted agents to do the selecting, then the agents had readers, who selected few works. So I decided not to spend all my time on writing letters to anyone who would say no, instead to design and paint the cover and format the text. Online courses on how-to-self publish with Carl King, then Kristen Joy, were amazingly were fun.

I had control! Rhyonna's Fright did get finished and published and is posted at Smashwords and Amazon.

Now, I'm on to the next story, PURSUED, Vasalisa, the Wise.