April 24, 2015

Epublishing another character!

Internet epublishing is like a flower growing fast in the Spring of it's life, and stretching and pushing in all directions for energy while spiders crawl, butterflies flutter, aphids eat, bees pollinate, and humming birds enjoy. 

What does epublishing mean besides publishing on the internet? What are the bios, tag words, categories for the word e-publishing of ebooks and PODs? How does one correctly spell epublishing, or e-publishing, or Epublishing; the spell checkers on my computer say it is missed spell in any form. What is marketing of the Authorperneur?  

--> Epublishing is a creative flow that needs a language to be understood.
--> I have began my study: now overwhelmed!

The Producer for BobbieTales

April 21, 2015

Always plan too much to accomplish!

Rhyonna is finished! — on 12/31/2014 her story became a book and she flitters around excitedly appearing here and there, well mostly sitting and watching the streaming.
Rhyonna waits for her story to be offered as an Amazon Kindle. So I'm taking Kristen Eckstein’s 30DayKindle Challenge

The Kindle challenge is a jump started for my next e-publishing project of all the picture book stories I wrote and compiled into the 'Bryce Community'. My master project in story writing while active in SCBWI. These stories came before writing the 'Elfin Letters' for my granddaughter. My masters in being a grandmother and lover of the elves and trolls and other land spirits.

So busily viewing videos for LearnScrivenerFast by the Scrivener Coach Joesph Michael to reformat the Bryce stories and the Elfin Letters. All this while in NaNoWriCAMP to start my story series 'BOLD TALES TOLD'. Because I love story have learned and told hundreds. Included in the ABC series are many of my original stories and others learned while verbally storytelling. The first ABC segue is about Able Womenfolk. 

And all this while going while going to classes to master wordpress; one must have a website. Or, does one, too much is too much! I'm sure all above are important for the plan I have, e-publishing my stories.

And if that was not enough, now taking a online class Virtual Podcast Tours, to go on the virtual road and share my stories in audio form. 

The Producer for BobbieTales


April 14, 2015


Writing is not easy and the scribe must add more words for the visuals of the story then when verbally told. The gestures of body, face expressions, and the voice add clues to the spoken word for a listener. A read can imagine but if the writer wants more control, more words of description are necessary, only caution not too many or the reader is bored. BALANCE  is the key, and the SECRET is clues positioned here and where within the text for a picture of the scenes and with the characters, just enough, not too much, or, no clues like a picture book or poem. Let the listener/reader illustrate their vision. Picture books do have illustrators still not as good as how the mind sees.

January 29, 2015

Rhyonna is flying.

So, the story is written, edited again and again and by professionals, and formatted  uploaded to ebook stores. Now Rhyonna pleased and happy, the merriest of faeries because she is not sitting on her favorite rock or resting on her Dandelion, she streams with the others. And while she streams, floats, glides, sometimes pushed with the wind, Rhyonna lands on different flowers and rocks  for parties and celebrations. Never does Rhyonna suspect that is all set-up for her as she trips around the ether. One can buy and read her story on Smashwords; Amazon POD; CreateSpace.com.   

There will be more streaming with others as she flits around.

November 20, 2014

The Writer, the Poet, or the Illustrator ---> WHO is in charge?

The one who draws with lines from a pen, pencil, paint brush, or ink is the first to see the story and wants to draw it on a piece of paper for others to see. Then the poet arrives as the first voice with words to form images the drawer sees. The storyteller arrives and enhances, exaggerates, and exploits with verbal words and gestures to show the image of the drawer and words of the poet making the story clearer for a listener. By noting how the listener takes the story, which is the plot, characters, scenes; the storyteller knows what was heard or not. Then coming forth is the writer who finds the perfect words to make a written story.  From the drawn images, poetic voice, gestures, to the word symbols; the story is born.  **** Rhyonna has her story.

Oh yes, there is always the character who inspires and insists what is told.