November 20, 2014

The Writer, the Poet, or the Illustrator ---> WHO is in charge?

The one who draws with lines from a pen, pencil, paint brush, or ink is the first to see the story and wants to draw it on a piece of paper for others to see. Then the poet arrives as the first voice with words to form images the drawer sees. The storyteller arrives and enhances, exaggerates, and exploits with verbal words and gestures to show the image of the drawer and words of the poet making the story clearer for a listener. By noting how the listener takes the story, which is the plot, characters, scenes; the storyteller knows what was heard or not. Then coming forth is the writer who finds the perfect words to make a written story.  From the drawn images, poetic voice, gestures, to the word symbols; the story is born.  **** Rhyonna has her story.

Oh yes, there is always the character who inspires and insists what is told.

July 4, 2014

Self Publishing Camp for Rhyonna's Book

Having spent really my whole life drawing, telling, writing stories, I'm going to publish my many picture books and novels.To do I took Carla King's Publishing Book Camp, which is superb and very informative. Carla information brings you up to date with all the innovative happenings: newest and best in epublishers, formats and cover artists for your books. 

Thank-you Carla King, Rhyonna's Fright is out for readers to enjoy!

August 14, 2013

Clarion's write-a-thon June 23 to August 3, 2013

Another Clarion write-a-thon came and is gone. Book III of the Elfin Letters finished! AS IT IS Now, Magic,

After intense writing for 28 days, plotting, characters sorted, corrected names, and the Lassies' letters in order, very important, I finished 22 chapters of AS IT IS, Now MAGIC. The letters from the Lassies tell of the Elfin magic in Rainbow Village and the spirited folk around the gardens. The hardest decision was what villagers to be in the story. One winner was Alfegar the pixie, he does bring his special magic and humor to the Member's Circle. Also for spice a few seedy spirits arrived via the INBetween into the gardens.

The point of the story is that the Elves learn about their magic, good and bad; and what they give to the Lassies, good and bad; who else is attracted by this magic. 

Summer writing CAMPNANOWRIMO April 2013

The month of April I spent editing and rewriting  Rhyonna's Fright, my faery story. Rhyonna has been with me since fourth grade when living in Colorado Springs and play at Fountain Creek (now a freeway). Faeries flew around and danced and sang while my friends and l built forts, hunted frogs, blood suckers and minnows. We built dams and swung on a wire rope hung by men who made the railroad tracks from Cripple Creek to the Golden Cycle Mill, that processed real gold. I do have my first  illustrations. Rhyonna's story grow with my daughter and her friends' interest and help  in writing classes and critiques.

I had a jolly time with Rhyonna, who is willful and a risk taker, all part of her charm, she plotted most of her story. Characters like this are wonderful.

August 4, 2012

Busy with Write-a-Thons

The best way to pace yourself is with a deadline for what you want to achieve, a goal. Amazing are the results. The ending date is the polished date, the final show. This is the show of labors, the results; which could be a book, movie, painting, or verbal telling. Best is we ingest the process becoming what we did, the goal. What is remembered the experiences add up and help feed the next goal.

When I first started the process of story, as a child, I was the story, then I saw the story, then I told the story and now after years, I mean years of practice, and goal setting, I can write a story. Yes, I can plot and write a story, after all the practice of the being, drawing, seeing, and preforming the characters, who make the of writing more interesting (spelling and grammar excluded). However, I need a deadline because of all the life that goes around me and I need focus to finish a project - like preparing a fine meal for friends on to be served a certain date. CampNaNoWriMo.