August 4, 2012

Busy with Write-a-Thons

The best way to pace yourself is with a deadline for what you want to achieve, a goal. Amazing are the results. The ending date is the polished date, the final show. This is the show of labors, the results; which could be a book, movie, painting, or verbal telling. Best is we ingest the process becoming what we did, the goal. What is remembered the experiences add up and help feed the next goal.

When I first started the process of story, as a child, I was the story, then I saw the story, then I told the story and now after years, I mean years of practice, and goal setting, I can write a story. Yes, I can plot and write a story, after all the practice of the being, drawing, seeing, and preforming the characters, who make the of writing more interesting (spelling and grammar excluded). However, I need a deadline because of all the life that goes around me and I need focus to finish a project - like preparing a fine meal for friends on to be served a certain date. CampNaNoWriMo.

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