August 4, 2020

Folktales linked together create my genre.

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Grouping folktale, legends, and myth became a form, even a genre for interconnected stories I told. The more I wondered about the date and characters in the Asian Art Museum galleries, the more I needed a frame, seque, sequence for telling the myths, legends, and folktales as I carved a path from statues of art the better my stories related.

On a stage for one to two, hours most storytellers connect their stories by a frame; the stories might have different characters, time, and settings; a novel uses scenes with the same characters. So I use dragon, tiger, anger, and justice through history in stories to relate as we travel on an ancient time path.

Today, I write the legends, myths, folktales that I told in the segue in a frame.
Let's take the tiger folktales, each folktale is a event building the drama. A simple
introduction, a tiger is born. A problem, tiger escapes from a man, roams, and dies. A twist, the tiger is given life. The drama thickens; the tiger becomes greedy and embarrassed by a rabbit while he is in a pit once out tiger is injured hunting a pheasant. The climax, the tiger hid in a cave and healed by a woman. With a satisfying ending, the tiger happily dances behind a drummer to a feasible. A simple plot with maybe 12 folktales traveling through history with the tiger the character, which builds intrigue while hearing a simple history of Korea and the children did not suspect, either do adults.

Beware, one can enhance, adapt, modify, revision, embroidery, embellish, exaggerate and elaborate traditional tales; they have no copyright. Keep the plot lines; we all know the stories from childhood and enjoy the familiarity.


  1. Clever tip. There's a lot of gold in old folktales.

  2. Thanks Alex, use folktales you like a child, the talk to our bones!


  3. 7:53 AM (2 hours ago)

    Chemist Ken has left a new comment on your post "Folktales linked together create my genre.":

    It certainly sounds like you're inventing a new genre. Let it guide you wherever it wants to go.