May 2, 2020

I have rituals to enter the ZONE of writing!

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Well, usually sitting in a chair outside in the fresh air watching the birds, which are the muses for my writing. These spirits squall, sing, dash about, rest in a tree, or quietly sit on a nest, maybe even watch me watching them. They could be shape-shifters, waiting.


I'm taken into their InBetween, my reality mixes with theirs - I find I'm flying, relaxed, cheerful, I'm ready.

So, in this feeling of the InBetween realms, gliding, swinging, sliding, singing, I head for my computer, turn it on, find the right blog or story/chapter on Scrivener and start writing.

If I need refreshing, I sat outside again. In the winter, I walk in the rain around my yard and wonder where the birds are. Usually, one or two appear. If there is a storm, I watch from my window, soon one flies by and looks at me, as if saying, "Write!"

My muses are always outside in their realm, cheering.

OOPS, well, there are the predators, the CROWS, who come in to eat and destroy the home of the JAYS, who eat and kill the smaller birds. Then the squirrels do their damage to my miniature MUSES.  And, hovering overhead can be an owl or hawk. I do hear this disturbance and horror. I am amazed the smaller birds, my muses, survive.

Then one smallest of a wee bird pecks on my window, I'm not sure what this symbolizes. The pecking happens when I'm busily typing. A camellia grows close to the window. The wee bird hops from branch to branch, pecking as a bird does on the leaves hunting for bugs.


  1. Yes, you have a whole birdie cheering squad!

  2. Can be noisy when the crows become up set, or one bird gets into another birds nest --- means go back and rework.

  3. Nature really does have a way of setting us free inside our minds! I also love to go outside for some inspiration. You have a beautiful ritual!

  4. Yes, the intrigues and mysteries before our eyes and ears; and of course, the smells of earth - only analogies work.

  5. I love the way you describe the refreshing nature of writing outside! It is a great experience.

  6. Thank you, nice comment! The earth is refreshing. We need more for the millions of people here--> birds that sing, the life of plants, the insects that prowl, and the animals walk that through.

    Where is you writing?

  7. I love that birds are the muse for your writing! Sitting outside definitely puts a person in a better mood.

    With Love,

  8. LOVE - great theme and with travel...I joined you on pinterest and liked you blog, following. The best with your travels -- most of my done through stories, legends and myths about gods, goddess and and common folk from Asian (Japan, India, China, and and lower Asia) Ireland, Scotland, British, Russia -- older times, not as crowded, can see the norms -- https//

  9. Nature and the outdoors seem to have a calming effect on many writers. And who doesn't like the birds and their songs?