April 2, 2020

My world with Covid-19?

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My world is holding up. I feel tired because of all the fighting about what, when, where and who is running the show. At this time nemesis, Covid-19 is in the limelight and steals all the action while the other characters fight to see who will be heard.

I do not want to die, I have many, many stories to edit.

This month I'm in the A2Z Blog Challenge, with emotions for each letter with blurs about a story for that emotion. Then editing the written story in Grammarly.com and posting on Bublish.com and putting the story back the corrections into Scrivener to produce an ePub, kindle, and book-on-demand.

How is this for putting off DEATH?


  1. Too many stories to edit - that's a good reason to stick around. Good luck with the Challenge!

  2. I missed the deadline to participate in A-Z this year. Maybe next time! I think I'll do my own version on my own, however. I've just not figured out what that looks like yet. Edit on! :)

  3. Times are busy - even though we are home. To be so close to a pandemic virus and write about it would make a lasting book. Maybe interviews framed by the fears people have for themselves. Did watch a documentary about 1918 virus was informative and interesting. A virus, the villain, winning and all doctors, inventors, nurses, etc. hero/ines in despair. What a live field to write about. Use the your blogs for the book.