October 11, 2016

Indie Author Fringe

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Register now for Our free Online Author ConferenceAuthor Fringe offers ONLINE DAY CONFERENCES for authors interested in self-publishing. Twenty-four sessions, one an hour for 24 hours, allowing authors across the globe to attend live -- or catch up whenever they want.  

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October 9, 2016


Rhyonna's Fright is on SCBWI Book Blast, opening October 10, 2016.
Rhyonna's Fright on Book Blast
Bobbie Kinkead on SCBWI

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September 12, 2016


THE STORY REALM: WATCH THIS! And the STORY goes . . . BEWARE! of the critic - your critic! This is my slide video on my channel on BobbieTales youtude.com about storytelling. I challenge you to tell a verbal story, if only the trees are the audience. Tell the story to your friends, or go to a swap near you. Check out NSN, National Storytelling Network or SAC Storytelling Association of California. There are associations in other countries also.

August 15, 2016

From THE STORY REALM: Hare and the Turtle

THE STORY REALM: Hare and the Turtle: One of my favorites fables because I think of myself as a turtle, slow and steady and some how winning the race. The turtle in eastern countries holds up the world.

August 1, 2016

Describing fantasy characters or beasts!

in the air, a plant seed spirit floats
in the air, a seed spirit floats
the plant spirit lands and sets out roots
landing, the spirit  grows
When describing a fantasy character think movement. Move their wings, feet, arms, faces, ears, eyes, heads around in your mind as you see the beastie. Then think of the voice or noise it makes. Best of all, become the creature; you are the actor: stand up, and talk, move as you want the creature to act. The more you move, the more you speak as the character or beastie, the better your description of the character in your verbal telling as well as your written words. When you charge the looks or emotions of a fantasy character, put in hints of the movements and voice, you visualize. Seed us clues along the way to create surprise. (Remember, do not describe all at once, which is boring and has no suspense). All of us have some idea how to visualize a griffin, dragon, monster, wizard or witch, warrior or princess in our minds; we need just a bit of your imagined details and off we go into our minds to enjoy your story.