January 4, 2021

Why I don't finish a book!

Being a writer, when am I reading someone else's work, I stop reading because these frustrate my reading:

too much backstory,

long descriptions that are not necessary for the story,

the dialogue much too long like a  lecture, or too short, or not with the character's personality.


These stop me because I had too many writing classes and told too many stories. One might say this also stops most of my writing.

I have also noticed people listen to books on audio, or read short novels of 15 to 30 thousand words. I think because of our films and television we are more literate than the past generations.

However, what do I know - just a bobbieism!


  1. I agree. I don't like too much back story or description. Just enough to keep me grounded in the story.
    Wishing you a Wonderful-Writing Year.

  2. Thanks Sandra, the description must be woven in the story bits at a time. And I think treated as a character - make places more alive.