November 4, 2019

The strangest thing I've ever googled for a story?

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Actually, 'google' is too complicated for me, and ads appeared, and sites appear who have acquired status for the top of google's list involving how many links and hits they get.

To find what I am searching for and not to waste my precious time getting lost on google, I use Wikipedia, better information, concise, and no ads. Well, the ads are run as information documents.

My Critic!
My grips with google, the advertising has gotten thicker and more often with all the pop-up ads. Google ads plugging up searches with ads and more ads.

I do google for book references and to get on Amazon.


  1. Sounds like a great alternative. I do wonder what you’ve discovered on Wikipedia. Happy IWSG day :)

  2. What I have discovered --> Gods and Goddess - Asian, Indian, European stories, and bits and pieces of general information. Mostly to make sure what I am writing in correct. Never know on google from whom and why information was posted. I find mostly to sell a product.

  3. It probably gets you to what you want faster.

  4. I certainly like your creepy picture, LOL! Must be what you found on Wikipedia, right? I love Wikipedia too. And you know that you can block adds using AdGuard? Very effective. Have a great IWSG day!

    1. Well, my critic also has a creepy laugh. This is a selfie worpped by photobooth on my mac. I have others selfies who fit different parts of the writing process. Make the voices in my head more real.

  5. Alex, yes, no streaming and getting lost in other details not related to why googling.