February 1, 2019

Besides writing, what other creative outlets do I have?

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Well, I like to say, "Jane of many and Queen of none." to be exact - ART and STORYTELLING and WRITER.

There is my art ---> the gift of experimenting, changing, viewing and capturing like writing only a visual story or something that is a 'none story' to observe.

There is my storytelling --> to structure to verbally tell -- anyone can and we do all the time. 

And there is writing --> of a stories so others can read or tell if they want.

  1. I challenge and change the traditional with my interpretation and my experiences of what I think happened in art, storytelling, or writing. Really for me, the process of storytelling and writing as art are analogies or metaphors that I have adapted, enhanced, re-imaged, embroidery, modified, elaborate as other impressionists, expressionists, realists, and abstract non-objective artists; or mysteries, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, memoirs, adventure novelist or scriptwriters do with their creativity for others to view and read.  

ART, STORYTELLING and WRITING are functions within me for creating.


  1. Interesting thoughts. Writing is my main creative outlet. There have been others, but none that have stuck around like writing. Happy IWSG Day! http://www.raimeygallant.com

  2. Thanks, and the best writing to you!

  3. You have made it a multi-layered art form!

  4. Yes, has taken years to learn how to integrate art forms - the internet and the speed of Word and Pages - help multi tasking. We are all have multi-layered arts, only concentrate on one aspect, which makes goals easier to accomplish. I think age helps.
    THANKS, for you comment.

  5. "ART, STORYTELLING and WRITING are functions within me for creating." Love that!

    Ronel visiting for Feb's IWSG Day Being an Insecure Writer -- And Happy About It

    1. Yes, and some creative people have music, dance and a poet just to name a few creative sides.

    2. Ronel, Your website is one amazing adventure. Loved! Love all the information on the 'wee folk of legends.