November 16, 2018

How did my creativity evolved since I began to writing?

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How did my creativity evolve?

Since I had no writing and only ditto sheets to fill out when in grammar school from first to the sixth grades, writing a sentence with correct grammar and spelling was impossible for me. I do not think of writing as creative, and I think the paragraph order, sentences structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation to make a story is a skill, not creativity. 

Writing for me was matching the letters of the alphabet for words, the arrangement was a mysterious order to make a word for a spelling test. I MEMORIZING! I didn't sound out the words.

I'm was a victim, forced visual reader, due to books like Sally, Dick, and Jane. The who, when, where, and how were answered by looking at the pictures. NOT read by SOUNDS of the LETTERS in the WORDS!

Today, after many years of practice, I have enough word skills to write. I have evolved and amaze myself; I can write the stories, I create for others to read. The stories are the creation, not the writing, which is for connection to the readers.

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