July 28, 2016

Rhyonna's Fright is FREE!

One thing, Rhyonna's Fright, the ebook, is FREE at Smashword.com. My link Bobbie Kinkead, use the code is ZN72G. The offer ends July 31st, 2016. You may download for kindle (devices or computer), nook, and palm reader, or just computer. Please honor and respect my rights as author and creator. 

Will look like a kids book, really about overcoming a challenge. I wrote the story as an analogy about my fear of achievement, using the realm of faeries, which is my other world. I love gardens and the spirits the live and linger there.  

OH, if you have any thoughts on how marvelous or any critical words, leave a review. PLEASE, take the advantage and read Rhyonna's story.

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