August 16, 2017

Interview - Part 2 - FIRE, the Hunger

FIRE, the Hunger

Why did you pick the FIRE stories you picked?

I wasn't sure if there were any stories that talked about the beginnings of FIRE. I knew there were ancient stories about discovering the wheel. So I went the online library and came across about 10 suitable stories. Plus, there were a few about the gods:  Pele and her anger, and Greek and Roman gods, and a few more stories from South America about the gods that protected FIRE in the volcanoes. Some worked and most did not. Then I came across stories from the Native Americans about who spread with fire and there was hummingbird, beaver, spider, and the chimpanzees who help a lost hunter with fire. Then I ran across the bushmen God, Kaang, who warned his people that if the humans had fire there would be no harmony between trees, animals, and the humans. No longer could they speak with each other. That is the premise, the theme for the plot - the dangers of fire and fear in animals. And as a child, when camping we had a FIRE, and it was dangerous hot and tried to escape to eat.