September 15, 2017

Interview, Part 3 - FIRE, the Hunger

#3 - What do you mean by the premise and how does it work with the plot?

The premise is how the stories are organized to offer the assumption, speculation, belief that is theorized, surmised, assumed to prove or disprove, like a hypothesis of a scientific experiment. These stories are metaphors to demonstrate FIRE has an appetite that goes beyond what humans imagine.
A warning came from god Kaang, "If humans get their hands on FIRE, there will be no harmony only fear and horror among the animals with humans." Then the stories are organized to prove Kaang’s warning starting with the legend of Goddess Pele’s volcanic anger and eruptions to the gods hold ignitable FIRE in their volcanoes to make precious jewelry. The humans desire to own FIRE power which is also fueled by their hypnotic enchantment with FIRE. The animals do seek the warmth and light while also understanding FIRE’s horror. The humans are so beguiled by FIRE a hunter steal FIRE without understanding the risks and costs he carries with FIRE’s hunger.